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Food in the early russia
Krasnye Bliny Pancakes recipe

Russian blini are known as the thinnest ones, and for me, most tasteful. In a classic way, Russian blinis are yeast-leavened pancakes from buckwheat flour. Russian pancakes are served with different dressings - most popular are sour cream, jam, syrup, red caviar, salmon, cottage cheese and others.
Cake "Napoleon" recipe

It is a very delicious cake and it can be a unique treat to your family and friends at the week-end. Don't get frustrated if Napoleon doesn't come out for the first time. You need to have patience and some cooking skills to make it.
Koulebiaka recipe

In Old Russia koulebiaka was welcomed by all ranges of people. Most popular koulebiaka version was made with fish backs, but lenten recipes with buckwheat and mushrooms cannot be worse. The form of koulebiaka is oval with the opening in the center. It should be baked on a low heat slowly to become so tender as melting in the mouth.
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